3 Plumbing Tools Every Homeowners Needs

Plumbing Tools That Every Homeowner Needs

While we are certainly available for any plumbing needs that you may have, you might actually be a little handy yourself! With the right tools, you could even take a stab at your basic plumbing problems.

We’ve compiled a list of three tools that are essential for any homeowner to have! Before calling your local plumbing business, you may even be able to solve the issues yourself!

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We can all agree that this tool is needed sometimes, whether you dropped something you shouldn’t have down the sink, or a bathroom trip just didn’t go as planned .

A plunger is made to unclog pipes when used correctly. When you press it down on top of the clog, you are essentially pushing air into the drain. This, in turn, will add more pressure to the blockage!

Make sure you have a plunger for each drain (sink, tub, toilet, etc.).

Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench is another essential item to have in your plumbing toolbox. A pipe wrench is most commonly used for either tightening or loosening your house’s pipes!

Pipe wrenches are actually made with a serrated jaw (see picture below). This structure allows the wrench to easily grip the pipe securely. Most pipe wrenches are made with an extremely long handle as well. This will give you a good amount of torque to tighten and loosen the pipes with ease!

If your pipes are made of iron or galvanized steel, this device will be especially helpful too!

Drain Snake

And last, but certainly not least, is the drain snake. Sometimes a plunger just doesn’t quite cut it.

This long, thick (¼ inch!) wire is made to cut straight through blockages as you push it down your drain. They definitely have the advantage over a plunger, since they can reach much further down! Plus, they can actually dig straight into, and obliterate whatever is clogging your drain!

Photo from https://www.expresssewer.com/blog/how-to-snake-your-own-drain

I’ve Got Some Major Plumbing Issues That I’m Not Comfortable With; Where Should I Look For Help?

We get it. These might be some helpful items for some minor problems, but you just don’t feel comfortable making any big plumbing repairs.

That’s totally fine! That’s what we’re here for at Full Speed Plumbing. We offer plumbing services for bathrooms, kitchens, appliances, drain cleans, water filtration, and major repairs!

Don’t hesitate to call us at (833) 686-3858 for emergencies, or shoot us an email at [email protected]! We are one of the top plumbing businesses in the Skagit Island, Mount Vernon, and San Juan County areas!

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