How To Get Your Wedding Ring Out Of The Sink

How To Get Your Wedding Ring Out Of The Sink

It’s a dreaded feeling. You’ve just finished washing your hands, and, before you realize it, somehow your wedding (or engagement) ring slipped right off your finger…and down the drain! Don’t panic though; there should still be a way to retrieve the ring!

As one of the top plumbing companies in the Anacortes area, we can easily say that this is a common (but easy to solve) problem. Read on as we will explain a quick and easy plan of action to take. You can take note in case this ever happens to you in the future, or take these steps right now if you are in the middle of this dilemma!

Step 1: Stop Running The Water!

Please, for the love of all things, don’t keep running the water! This is only going to push the ring further down the drain making it MUCH more unlikely for you to recover it again!

Step 2: Try The “Magnet Trick”

If your ring has a magnetic metal (nickel, steel, iron, etc.)  in it, you may be in luck! Tie a magnet to the end of a string and lower it into the drain. If you didn’t run any more water, your ring will most likely be close enough that the magnet can reach it. Once you hear the ring and magnet attach, you can slowwwwly pull the string up, and you should be good!

Step 3: Clear Out The P-Trap

The magnet trick might not have worked, but no need to worry! You can also clear the p-trap under your sink. The ring may be sitting down in this area. The p-trap is the curved pipe underneath your sink. See the photo below.

Sink drainage
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Once you have a bucket or newspapers underneath the p-trap (since there will most likely be some leakage), you will need to take a wrench and loosen the pipe connector on the p-trap. Once it is completely loose, there will be quite a bit of spillage into the bucket, but your ring should be in the midst of all of this!

If the ring does not spill out of the p-trap, you can also shine a flashlight into the surrounding pipes to see if you can spot anything. 

What If The Magnet Trick And P-Trap Removal Don’t Work?

You may have tried everything mentioned above but still had no luck, or you may just not be a “handy” person. We get it. Not everyone is a natural with a wrench or feels comfortable messing with their drain. We’ve got an experienced group of technicians at Full Speed Plumbing that can help you throughout this whole process. We are one of the top plumbing businesses in the Anacortes area, and we would love to assist you. Our crew not only can help retrieve items from a drain, but we also can help with any drain leaks, clogged drains, and a variety of other services (learn more on our main website page). Don’t hesitate to call us at (833) 686-3858 for any emergencies, or email us at [email protected]!

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