Our Top 4 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Top 4 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

As one of the top plumbing businesses in the Anacortes area, we get quite a variety of different plumbing issues that we need to address for our clients. If we had to narrow it down to our top four most common problems, these would have to be the ones that come up the most: 1) water heater leaks, 2) clogged toilets, 3) jammed garbage disposals, and 4) no hot water. Keep reading, and we will elaborate further on these problems and how to prevent them!

Water Heater Leaks

This may not seem like a huge deal to some, but leakage in your water heater can cause several unnecessary difficulties. Even a relatively small leak can damage your floor and walls. Not only can it cause damage to your house, but it can also be a health hazard. Do you really want to be breathing in mold or mildew all the time? If you don’t address the leaking, that could very well be the case since many toxins have a tendency to grow in moist, damp areas.

How to prevent:

One of the main causes of water heater damage is too much sediment build up. Investing in some sort of water filtration system would definitely be worth it in the long run. Also, make sure to regularly check and drain your tank. An experienced plumber can help you properly remove any build up that is beginning to form. 

Clogged Toilets

We’ve all been there. No matter what you try, you just cannot get that stupid toilet to drain properly! Whether you had a little embarrassing bathroom incident or you accidentally flushed a foreign object down the drain (trust us, we’ve seen some interesting things ), a clogged toilet is no fun! Sometimes, the blockage isn’t quite as obvious either; a toilet may take a minute or two to fully drain after the water rises a bit higher than usual.

How to prevent:

Be careful with how much you are flushing down the toilet at once. If you need to, don’t be afraid to do two flushes! Also, be aware of what you are actually flushing down the drain. Here are a list of things that you should NOT be flushing in your toilet:

  • Baby wipes
  • Q-Tips
  • Diapers
  • Floss
  • Paper towels & Tissues
  • Pills
  • Cigarette Butts
  • Cat Litter
  • Hair
  • Gum
  • Cooking Grease
  • Fish
  • Food
  • Bleach

Jammed Garbage Disposal

Smelling something a little funky coming from your sink? Are you hearing some interesting sounds (typically a humming or grating sound) coming from your sink? This is definitely a tell-tale sign that there is some blockage in the garbage disposal. Preventing this from jamming up is very important since garbage disposal replacements can be extremely expensive.

How to prevent:

If you take the right precautions, your garbage disposal should actually last for awhile (up to 12 years). For one, throw food in the garbage! Not down your drain! You wouldn’t believe the different food items that we’ve seen in people’s drains. Check out our recent Instagram post highlighting the top 8 garbage disposal KILLERS. Another little hack from our head CEO (Bohannan McKenzie) – a great way to maintain your garbage disposal is by putting some ice water and lemon down the drain. This works great for breaking any blockage down and it also smells great! How’s that for killing two birds with one stone?

No Hot Water

There’s nothing worse than hopping into the shower and hoping for a nice relaxing time in your oasis…only to be met with some freezing cold water! No hot water calls are common at Anacortes Plumbing. More often that not, this comes from issues in your (you guessed it) water heater! 

How to prevent:

There’s a few preventative measures that we’d recommend. For one, make sure that you are not overusing hot water in your home. You can also have your pipes insulated. In the colder winter months, the climate can have an effect on your water temperature. Also, don’t hesitate to have a plumber come and inspect your water heater. We will typically assess someone’s water heater to see if it has any build up, damage, and if insulating it will be a smart move. 

Where Can I Get Help With These Issues?

You may have just read through this blog and thought to yourself, “This is helpful info for preventing these issues, but it’s a little too late!” Well, look no further than Anacortes Plumbing! We are one of the best plumbing companies in the Anacortes area. Our crew can help you fix any issues with your water heater, unclog your toilet, and remove any accumulation in your garbage disposal, in addition to several other services. Don’t hesitate to call us at (833) 686-3858 for any emergencies, or email us at [email protected]!

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