Why You Shouldn’t Hire An Unlicensed Plumber

Why You Shouldn’t Hire An Unlicensed Plumber

When hiring a plumber, there’s normally several factors that go into the final decision. Something that’s normally a big deal for most people is price. Unfortunately, some people put too much weight on this factor and end up hiring plumbers with extremely low rates . . . who also happen to be unlicensed. Although this might seem like a great way to save a few bucks, the risks that come with it are hardly ever worth it.

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Read on as we will dig deeper into why it’s absolutely necessary that your plumber is licensed!

Possible Damage To Your Home (Or Worse)

If your plumber isn’t licensed, you have no idea how much training and experience they actually have!

There’s quite a few things that you are putting in their hands that you should take seriously – the water that your family drinks, the natural gas allowed in your home, etc.

Plus, if a plumber is willing to be a little “sneaky” and not get the proper licensing, what else do you think that he’s willing to cut corners on? Is this really the type of person you want handling your plumbing needs?

You Have Less Protection

Say something does go wrong as we just mentioned. There’s a much greater chance that you will now be held responsible.

Most unlicensed plumbers aren’t insured properly which can open a whole new can of worms if things go wrong.

Say the plumber caused damage to your home. Think you’ll be able to get a refund? Or maybe your homeowner’s insurance will be able to cover it? Well, think again! It’s very unlikely that either of these possibilities would work out. The person that would have to pay for it is most likely you.

Another possible scenario is the plumber getting injured. Your homeowner’s policy might still cover it after your deductible; however, your rates are likely to skyrocket afterward.

In some instances, people actually have their homeowner’s policy revoked after they were caught working with an unlicensed contractor!

You Get What You Pay For

To sum it all up, you get what you pay for.

Yes, hiring the cheaper, unlicensed plumber is definitely saving you a quick buck, but you have no idea the quality of work you will be getting, the insurance that they have, and, even more importantly, the protections that you will have.

Pay more for a good quality and licensed plumber and rest assured that the job will get done right with you being fully protected.

Where Can I Find Plumbers That Are Licensed And Above Board?

Look no further than Anacortes Plumbing!

Our company values honesty and transparency with our customers, and we take the time to obtain the proper licensing for each of our workers.

You can relax and let us take care of everything.

Call us at (833) 686-3858 for any emergencies, or email us at [email protected]. We are one of the top plumbing companies in the Anacortes area, and we’d love to be a help to you!

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